Terms And Conditions

General advice and information


The lessee declares to hand over the selected vehicle in good condition. The renter understands and also acknowledges that the vehicle will be returned to the turbo plus car rental company in the same condition once the rental period ends (including all accessories)

Turbo Plus Car Rental reserves the right to take back the vehicle at any time – if the renter violates any of the company’s terms and conditions.

Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC is not responsible for any loss of luggage

Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC reserves the right to make amendments to its terms and conditions without prior notice to any party.

Geographical boundaries

Vehicles rented from Turbo Plus Rent A Car may be driven only within the geographical borders of the United Arab Emirates

Mileage limits

Daily / weekly rentals

The daily allowable distance is 200 kilometers. After that, anything is charged for (1-25 dirhams / km) depending on the type of car

Fuel Policy

The vehicle must be returned after the end of the rental period with the same level of fuel it was rented on. Fuel charges will apply if the fuel level is lower


It is the renter’s duty to ensure that the tires are properly inflated at all times

It is the duty of the renter to ensure that the vehicle and its equipment are not damaged or tampered with

It is the duty of the renter to ensure that the vehicle is kept clean, both inside and outside

The lessee is responsible for all repair costs that are incurred during the rental period

The lessee is not allowed to use a repair service from a third party – and if the tenant tries to repair the vehicle in the agency or garage, the lessee will have a fine estimated by Turbo Plus for car rental

In the event of any damage or accident – the lessee must contact the police (999) and Turbo Plus Rent a Car Company (+971566668793)

The tenant must obtain a police report of any damage that occurs during the rental period

Rental period and return policy

The rental fee is on a 24-hour basis

In the event that the car is returned after the agreed delivery time from the return date – it is considered a full day parcel

Check-in is not done on Fridays and public holidays

For the pick-up service on the return date (in Dubai), the lessee must inform Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC at least 4 hours before the pick-up time

As for the pick-up service on the return date (in all other Emirates), the lessee must inform Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC at least 24 hours before the time of collection

Payments and other fees

Security deposit

Turbo Plus will maintain the rental car. A security amount determined according to the type of car before the lessee receives the car

Insurance amounts may vary depending on the car category selected for rent

The amount will be kept for a period of 25 days after the check-in date to meet fines or Salik charges committed by the tenant.


AED 5 is charged per Salik crossing

Salik toll rates are subject to change without notice

A 5% tax will be applied to the Turbo Plus Car Rental LLC service fee


The lessee bears all fines committed during the rental period

Fines less than 200 dirhams will incur a service fee of at least 20 dirhams

A 5% value-added tax applies to the service fee

Service / maintenance

All rental fees include periodic service fees

The lessee must notify Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC at least two days prior to the next maintenance

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC will provide a replacement vehicle as soon as possible

The renter is responsible for vehicles that were not maintained at the designated times and were damaged

The lessee will bear all the costs of the repair and the rental period will be extended to cover the time taken to repair the damage

The renter does not allow any third party to repair the rental car without written approval from Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC.

The renter is responsible for repairing any and all tire punctures

The inspection team checks for tire damage due to punctures and a fee is charged from the tenant

The lessee must inform Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC of any damage or mechanical failure. The lessee will be responsible for any damage that occurs due to late reporting.

The renter bears the full cost of the repair if the vehicle is damaged due to operating with a flat tire

Problems related to maintenance or breakdowns can be dealt with by calling +971566668793


Any car rented from Turbo Plus Rent a Car is only insured for driving on paved roads within the UAE

In the event of any damage to the vehicle, a police report must be obtained from the renter, otherwise the renter will be responsible for all costs of repairing the damage.

Damages to the windshield, tires, wheels, tools and wheel cover are not included in the insurance

Legal issues


All tenants must be at least 18 years old

Confiscating the vehicle

The lessee will be responsible for paying the reservation fee to Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC in addition to losing the rental fees in case the car is seized by the parking lot

The lessee must ensure that the rental car is always parked in a safe and secure place and that all doors are closed

The lessee will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle

The tenant will be responsible for the loss of any keys

Minimum lost key is AED 2,000 • Fees for lost keys may vary depending on the rental vehicle category

Any parking fines incurred by the tenant will be imposed on the tenant in addition to an administration fee

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Online reservation – terms and conditions

Online reservation terms and conditions are effective as of 01/01/2020

Confirm the selection

After booking the service of your choice, the customer will be asked to: fill in customer information and check the booking summary

Giving final acceptance to the terms and conditions of the reservation


Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC will send you an email for confirmation, including all booking details

Confirmation mail

The customer will receive a final confirmation message of the reservation after completing all the steps of the process

the prices

Your final price quote from Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC will be included

On the following elements :

All mandatory fees, value added tax, and any other tax as applicable by government authorities, included kilometers / miles, third-party collision liability insurance, and theft liability


There are two payment methods:

1: Book Pay Now

2: Book and pay at the office

Book and Pay Now indicate prepayment by bank transfer on the company account

Prepaid rates will be available online

The estimated amount must be paid in full at the time of booking

Company reservation and payment refer to payment directly at the branch of Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC

Payment methods

Payment can be made using the following methods :

Credit Cards – The generally accepted credit cards at Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC are Mastercard and Visa

Debit Cards – Debit cards must be linked to a bank account to be accepted

Maestro Cards

Visa Electron Cards

Insurance deposit

A security deposit is an amount in addition to the full price that is required to be paid for the rent

The tenant will be informed of the exact form of the deposit

The deposit is to allow the Turbo Plus rental car company to obtain security and protection for authorization before the rental period begins

The required deposit amount will vary depending on the vehicle category chosen

The security deposit remains in place for the entire rental period

The deposit must be returned to the lessee within a maximum of 30 days from the date the vehicle is returned.

At the time of check-in, all payments must be settled

Other requests

If more information is required, you can contact the Turbo Plus Reservation Center for Rent A Car LLC. We are happy to answer any questions (+971566668793)

Other general terms and conditions

If the lessee is a tourist, and holds a driving license from a country approved by the United Arab Emirates, the lessee must sign a contract stating the following: Once the tenant obtains residency in the UAE, he must change his license to a UAE license, and the renter also agrees. However, it would be illegal to drive in the UAE with a driving license from abroad once residency is obtained

Any accident or damage to the rental car that occurs due to the driver being under the influence of alcohol or any drug will lead to the full responsibility of the renter.

The renter must ensure that only drivers whose names have been entered into the contract are permitted to drive the vehicle

The lessee is not allowed to color the car windows or add any of his own stickers to the car. A fine will be imposed for these violations by Turbo Plus Rent A Car LLC and the lessee will be fully responsible for the penalties imposed by the government.

All disputes and disputes related to billing, accounts and disputes related to maintenance and services are handled by : info@turboplus.ae