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The Bentley Continental GT Convertible Rental Dubai sets new standard in Elegance, Class, and Style. You will enjoy the performance of brand new Bentley GT Rental Dubai. There is no doubt that all Bentley cars come with exceptional standard. You will arrive to any destination in extreme level of comfort with Rent Bentley GT Dubai. The Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet Rental Dubai is mounted with V12 Engine and make 567 Horsepower. Whereas top speed of Bentley Continental GT is 314 KM/h.

Rent a Bentley GTC in Dubai

Bentley GTC is simply a drop-head gorgeous car. Bentley took their extremely popular mold-breaking GT coupe and did what every luxury car rental enthusiast need . Drive Bentley GT when you visit Dubai in style with a uptown luxury car rental service.

Offered only as a four-seat convertible, it is available with just one power train a 542-hp engine paired with an eight-speed transmission.

Bentley Continental GTC offers drivers an alluring combination of style, independence and exclusivity. Choose to be seen touring Dubai in a vehicle that has become synonymous with grace and refinement. It is a city that deserves to be explored in style. Hire a Bentley GTC with uptown rent a car and put the top down and feel the wind comb through you hair as you zip down Dubai streets.


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