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Range Rover Velar ( White )

Цена со скидкой
Dhs. 599
Обычная цена
Dhs. 950
Вы сэкономили
Dhs. 351 (37%)

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Product Information

Rent a Range Rover Velar in Dubai

Rent a Range Rover Velar in Dubai , the crossover  SUV with uptown today, whether it is a vacation or business trip. Uptown is happy to have the super sexy Range Rover rental in Dubai, making it easy for you to rent your dream car

Yes, the range rover velar is a good SUV, no other vehicle commands the road like Range Rover Velar. Range Rover Velar is a 5door SUV with modern technology and outstanding performance, it has a supercharged engine of 274 horsepower with a 2liter four cylinder.

You will probably love the Velar’s classic interior, All the materials used are of high quality and crafted in interesting ways. The premium seats give you good comfort and support.

Velar has a very great off-road capability, advanced handling, and good stability. The Distinctive styling inside and out, the strong V6 and V8 engines and high quality materials in the cabin are part of the things that make Velar stand out from all other cars. The latest model of Velar features cruise control, parking sensors, LCD screens, climate control, driver Assistant, camera system package, Navigation system, entertainment features and many others.

Range Rover velar is a masterpiece of design and engineering. effortless beauty in its simplest purest form. Range Rover Velar is a crossover SUV you would love to rock in the city of Dubai, every other driver will envy you when you drive our super sexy Velar. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss it right ?. Yes, of course !.

Rent a Range Rover Velar in Dubai with the lowest rate combined with the highest quality customer service at Uptown Rent a car . Rent a car today and feel the DIFFERENCE !!!


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