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Ferrari F8 Spider 2022

Dhs. 2,999

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Product Information

Ferrari F8 Spider 2022

To feel an adrenaline dose of joy running through your veins, you need to rent a sports car model in Dubai from Turbo Plus! We recommend this lovely Ferrari F8 Spider 2022 model for everyone seeking delight on the road. As it's a beast coming in the smooth shape of a sports car model, it's one of our favorite cars that can present you with joy. It comes fully equipped with every detail you need for a touch of pleasure mixed with a fascinating design for extra luxury. Its excellent performance is impressive, and the exterior is remarkably made to add a significant presence to every street as it runs by.


A Sporty Ferrari F8 Spider 2022 Presence

Despite that people admire this lovely car for its great sporty vibe, the Ferrari F8 Spider 2022 also presents a fascinating feeling of rush on the road for you to appreciate your trip in the UAE. With its remarkable-looking design, you will fall in love with it at a glance. It comes with a tremendous twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V-8 engine that's powerful enough to produce up to 710 horsepower. It's equipped with a great collection of specifications and features to make every trip a one-of-a-kind adventure in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Turbo Plus is the ideal place for you if you're seeking the perfect Sports Car Rental in Dubai!


An Impressive Look

Even though this Ferrari F8 Spider 2022 looks too sporty to be safe enough, it comes with every safety feature you need. At the same time, it delivers the greatness of riding a smooth beast that knows precisely how to run with stability. Its two-passenger capacity is more than enough for a special occasion of a ride of luxury and power with your favorite person as well. Basically, this beauty is meant to provide you with the memories you seek to create.


Feel The Power

Every adventure is memorable with Turbo Plus Sports Car Rental in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We offer this Ferrari F8 Spider 2022 for a great price that you can afford and enjoy! The UAE is your dreamland with our 24/7 assistance service and great cars.

First Class Service

We really appreciate your time and make the entire process of renting an exotic car hassle-free. You can decide on the car you want and rent it in just a few minutes.

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